Make savings on your water bills

Make savings on your water bills

Make savings on your water bills

If you are on a water meter this can be costly, especially if you have a family. Unlike other utility providers such as gas, electricity and phone providers you don’t have a choice of providers. However there are still ways you can make savings on your water bills throughout the year. I have recently switched gas and electricity tariffs and hoping to save a bit of cash over the winter. Having turned my attention to my water bills I am spending nearly £1000 per year on this alone. I am on a meter and have used quite a bit over the summer, the garden being the main culprit.

As a result of a quick search I found there are a few products designed to save water.  Save Water Save Money is an organisation offering a large range of water saving equipment and has some great advice. They also offer free products, of which you can choose 2 from selection. Just type your postcode so they can check which supplier you are with. I ordered a free Hippo bag which sits in the cistern tank of the toilet and reduces water consumption each time the toilet is flushed. I also got the tap insert which should result in a saving of around £36 per year. Even if you are not on a water meter water saving choices can reduce your gas and electricity bills.

Watersure scheme

If you have high water usage due to having 3 or more children or have a specific medical condition and on a low income/claim social security benefits you may be entitled to a reduction on your annual bill. Contact your water supplier to ask about the Watersure scheme. To aplpy you will usually have to fill out a claim form but once this has been done the bill should be reduced automatically each year. 

A few useful tips on how to make savings on your water bills:

  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth
  • Get a water-efficient shower head as this could save the average family around £65 off gas bills and around £100 off water bills each year
  • Put a water saving device or in your toilet cistern – this reduces the volume of water used in per flush. Contact your water supplier or Save Water Save Money
  • Put a jug or water filter in your fridge – water is to hand and you don’t have to run the water until it cold
  • Make sure you have a full load in your washing machine or dishwasher – this cuts out unnecessary washes in between
  • Use a water butt in the garden to water the plants

To find out how much energy and water you are using visit the Water Energy Calculator.

I hope you have found this post useful and let me know if you have any water saving tips of your own. If you want to give Smart with Cash a shout out please like and share our Facebook page.