save money using mobile and tablet apps

save money using mobile and tablet apps

Save money using mobile and tablet apps

Smart with Cash have been busy looking for smart ways to save money using mobile and tablet apps. There are literally hundreds of these types of apps in the main app stores, some more useful and user friendly than others. SWC have put together a handy list saving you time and hopefully some cash in the process.

We have downloaded and used these apps ourselves and have done our best to look through the web and across the app stores looking at reviews. Apps with hidden upsells where you will be asked to pay to use extra features in the app were not included in the list. Just make sure that you update the  apps over WiFi as they can seriously use up your data. Hopefully this post will help you save money by using your mobile and we have put the apps into sections.

Cashback apps make it easy to access cashback offers whilst you are out and about and have voucher codes you can show at the till. If you are going overseas this year then there are a few handy apps you can use to make your holiday abroad easier and save a bit of cash too. When you go abroad make sure you switch off your data roaming or you could find you have a hefty bill. Within the EU the cost per MB is around 17p. Outside the EU, providers are free to charge whatever rate they like so don’t get stung.



Music Magpie

MusicMagpie is an platform for selling on old CDs, DVDs and games online. They’ve now got a free app which makes the process a lot easier and more fun as you can keep an eye on your when sales on the go.


Earn cashback on the move and keep you up to date with all the latest Printable Vouchers and deals in your area.

Voucher cloud

Vouchercloud uses your location to show you offers for shops and restaurants near you.


Save money using mobile and tablet apps with these fantastic shopping apps

Get paid cashback on your everyday supermarket shopping with Quidco’s ClickSnap

Get paid cashback on your everyday supermarket shopping with TopCashback’s Snap & Save


Parkopedia is a website that helps drivers to find and compare commercial, street and private parking on their computer or a mobile phone. Parkopedia also helps drivers by displaying parking information about a selected area and other useful tips that are submitted and shared by its users.

Download Navmii as an alternative to your phone’s sat nav as this does not use your data. You can download maps use route planning, voice prompts, driver scores, mileage tracking offline.

Google Translate offers a free translation offline without the use of data or WiFi. It also has a feature that reads and translates the text through the camera, just hover over the text.


Personal Finance

Download your bank’s app, this is great for accessing your balance anytime, making payments and transferring money. Many of the banks have apps where you can pay your friends just using a mobile number once you both have the app set up. Payfriendz and PingIt are really popular.

ATM Hunter

If you find yourself in a restaurant where the card machine isn’t working or a lovely gift shop that only takes cash then you can use this app to find your nearest cash machine.