Save on shopping throughout the year

Make the most of your hard earned cash. Save on shopping whether getting you weekly food shop, buying electrical goods or eating out.  Free up some money for savings or unexpected expenses. Ask yourself can I save on shopping elsewhere, do I have to have that brand or could I do without and get a cheaper alternative. The idea is not to cut down so much you feel you are missing out, just making small changes and being aware of how much you are actually spending can lead to big savings in spending. Like a latte, getting the latest bluray or updating your wardrobe for the season? Smarter shopping means checking cashback rates, comparing prices or. Join a coffee shop loyalty club to collect points for free drinks and snacks.

Save on shopping – top tips

  • Sit down and look at your bank statement or receipts to see what you have spent over the last week or month – you might be shocked at how many times you visited the supermarket or spent on fast food.

  • Special offers such as 3 for 2 or BOGOF can be great if you regularly use the item but watch out for offers on perishables, only get the offer if you think you’ll use it up or you could visit the supermarket with a friend and share the offers and fuel costs.

  • Shop around and compare prices, browse the shops one day to get a feel for what’s out there and prices. Then go and make the purchase in your lunch hour or later in the day as you are more likely to be focused.

  • Wait for the sale – look closely at the pricing labels in high street fashion stores – many stores start preparing for the sales a couple of weeks before by squiggling marks or writing codes.

  • If you live near an outlet store or shopping village, visit there before you hit the high street or if you are making a special trip save up to make a few purchases in one go to make it worth the journey.

  • For large electrical goods look online for the biggest savings or go into a local shop and haggle a discount or ask for free delivery.

  • Sign up for store newsletters and clubs – you can often use the vouchers by showing the email on your phone