Save on Going Out

If you want to save on going out we have some great tips so you don’t have to pay full price for the cinema, eating out or popular activities such as bowling or skating.

Eating out is big business and most restaurant chains have got in on the voucher action with many having them on their own websites. Lunchtime and off peak offers often lead to the biggest savings but there are some weekend discounts to be had. Check out our Save on Eating Out page for how to save on going out for a meal.

The cinema can be expensive with the cost of tickets having risen sharply over the last few years at the big multiplexes, there is also a lot more choice with 2D, 3D and IMAX screenings. We have put together a handy guide so that you can save on going out to the cinema and hopefully never have to pay full price!

Save on eating out whether its a treat once in a while or a regular thing. Restaurants vary hugely in price and the drinks can cost a small fortune. Watch out for individual glasses of wine (if you are out with other consider sharing a bottle). Soft drinks or mocktails can be equally expensive, go for the bottomless option if they have it. Hot drinks tend to be similar prices to coffee shops. If ordering a takeaway avoid ordering drinks as you can just have something at home. If in town at lunchtime consider buying your drinks from a discount store (Wilko, Poundshop, Superdrug or Boots) then getting your food separately. You could also bulk buy cans or bottles at supermarkets or discounters like B&M bargains or Home Bargains. Leave a few in your car take one in your bag before you go out.