Best free fitness apps

Best free fitness apps

Turn your mobile into your personal trainer

If you are feeling the pinch after the festive period (seems such a long time ago now) time to take action. Use your mobile or tablet to get fit, have a look at our best free fitness apps. There is anything from tracking your running, mini gym classes, nutrition and food to health and wellbeing.

Best free fitness apps to keep active

Strava Running and Cycling GPS – a must have for runners & cyclists. The cycling app measures your speed, distance and elevation as you cycle, pit yourself against other cyclists. The app displays info on calories burned, heart rate, power, and rhythm.

Nike Training Club –  another great fitness app providing workout routines based on your own fitness level.  Use it to target specific areas of the body in 15-45 minute workouts.

Couch to 5K – this app promises to get you running 5km in 8 weeks. Step by step programme for novices starting with walking/jogging and building up to being a competent runner. Great to build confidence and for anyone who thinks they don’t have a run in them. Good luck.

Fitnet – targeted workouts lasting beween 5 and 7 minutes. Use the selfie to improve your technique, see your progress over time and share with a personal trainer. The app is also compatible Apple Watch to measure heart rate and cardio zone during exercise.

Best free fitness apps for nutrition and diet

MyFitnessPal – log your food diary from a database of more than 6 million foods. Track your diet easily, no matter what you eat. Use the app to set goals whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, it will make suggestions on the best foods and exercises.

mySugr – this is great for diabetes sufferers who can use the app to keep an eye on blood sugar levels. MySgr helps you to pay attention to food and how it affects blood glucose levels. If some days you aren’t feeling that great the app can help you see what you need to cut back on.

Fooducate – track what you eat and your activities to see your progress and achieve goals. Recipes, diet tips and access to community.

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